YouTube integration #1

YouTube integration demo #1. This pulls media from within YouTube using the YouTube chromeless player. InteractiveXML floats over the top.

Notes on this demo:

1.HOVER OVER THE VIDEO. Hover over certain areas for one second for an explanation of what you are hovering over. We could also have set it up to detect movement in a certain direction, or have the user trace out a certain pattern.

2. HOT ZONES. Click on the top right of the video to highlight the hover-able zones in red. Click again to remove the red highlighting.

3. EMAIL THE VIDEO at the address at the top. Put the name of the color in the first line of the BODY of the email (not, not, NOT the subject as I say in the video.) I will get the email in the video and talk about that color.

4. TALK TO THE VIDEO. Hover over my head and the microphone will be switched on. You'll have to "allow" Flash to use your microphone. When you see a green button, click it, wait until it turns red, speak a color name then click it again to stop recording. I should respond to what you have said. If I don't check your microphone! If you don't click the button to stop recording it will automatically cut off after 4 seconds and try to analyze the voice sample.

5. USAGE INFORMATION. Hover over my keyboard in the video for 1 second. The displayed info will go away by itself after a few seconds of video play.

5. YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH OF ME. Hover over the top left of the video for a second. I will go away.

The underlying code is here.